Menu Commands
File Menu
 Open (Ctrl+O) prompts for file name and opens a Flash (SWF) file.
 Close closes current file.
 File Information (Ctrl+I) displays File Information.
 Preferences (Ctrl+U) displays General Preferences.
 [Recently opened files] opens selected file.
 Exit (Ctrl+Q) closes AS3 Sorcerer.

Script Menu
 Copy Current Script
copies current script to clipboard as text.
 Save All Scripts to Single File prompts for file name, saves all scripts to a single text file and opens it with system default application, if the file is not larger than a certain limit (default value is 1.25 MB) set in the INI file.
 Preferences displays Script Preferences.
 Show Usage Column for Current Script (F4) shows or updates the Usage Column in the Script Tree, for the current script.

Help Menu
 View Help (F1) displays help documentation.
 Check for Updates checks AS3 Sorcerer version using browser.
 About AS3 Sorcerer displays AS3 Sorcerer version and license information.

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