Script Preferences

If a file is open, any change in these options will be updated immediately, thus providing a preview.

Selects the font for decompiled scripts.

Scripts containing Unicode characters may require a different font selected to be displayed properly.

'Solarized' color palette
When selected, colors from Solarized color palette (from will be used.

Dark background
When selected, dark background color theme will be used.

Colored gutter
When selected, gutter will be colored, otherwise it will be gray.

Visible gutter
When selected, gutter will be visible.

When selected, decompiled scripts will be word wrapped, otherwise a horizontal scrollbar will be displayed for long lines.

Hide debug actions
When selected, debug actions (even if present) will not be shown in decompiled scripts.

Debug actions, shown as comments, usually clutter the decompiled script results, with no real benefit.

Use debug information for local variable names
When selected, debug information (if present) will be used for naming local variables. This default behavior usually provides more readable results.

However, some obfuscated SWF files may contain deceiving debug information that cannot be automatically detected.

Do not decompile scripts/classes with too many traits
When selected, scripts/classes with too many traits╣ will not be decompiled.

Decompiling scripts or classes with extraordinary number of traits (especially methods) almost always takes long and does not produce useful results.

╣ Default value is set as 512, which can be edited in the INI file

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