General Preferences

Selects the font for the script tree and certain interface elements.

Script names containing Unicode characters may require a different font selected to be displayed properly.

Use skins
When selected, custom skinned interface will be used.

You can select another skin by clicking the icon on the upper left corner of the main window when skinned interface is in use.

Script Tree
Dark background
When selected, dark background color theme will be used for the Script Tree.

Info column
Info column can display code block count, total code size or usage/dependency cues which help locating scripts with more content or prominent usage at a glance when casually browsing.
  • Hide
    Info column will not be displayed.

  • Show number of code blocks
    Info column will show number of code blocks¹ decompiled for the script and relative size graph.

  • Show total code size
    Info column will show total size of code blocks¹² decompiled for the script in bytes and relative size graph.

For unexpanded packages (folders), relative size graph indicates the total size/block count of all scripts under the package.
Right-aligned yellow bars are displayed for unexpanded folders.

  • Show usage cues
    Info column will show colored bars and various icons hinting some of the usage/dependency characteristics of scripts within the SWF file³.

    The bar will be longer for scripts that depend on (use) more scripts, which may indicate a more complex script.

    The bar will be thickest for scripts that are directly used by the document class, a bit thinner for scripts that are used by those scripts, and will get thinner as the script is located farther away from the document class in the usage tree.

    Script is the document class.
    Script is used only by scripts within the same package. (Package Internal usage).
    Script is used only by scripts outside the package. (Exclusive Package External usage).
    Script is used by at least one script within the same package and at least one script from another package.
    Script was not detected to be used by the document class, even indirectly.

    Script is used by only one other script which is in the same package.
    Script is used by only one other script which is not in the same package.
    Script does not use any other scripts from this SWF.
    Script uses certain network/loader classes. This is exactly the same information as indicated with icon overlay in the Script Tree. These classes are:,,,, flash.display.Loader

    In the above example illustrating bar widths and heights, bars for A and B are thickest because they are directly used by the document class. B is longer than A because it uses more classes. C, D, E are thinner and shorter because they are used by the document class indirectly, they are further away, and also depend on fewer classes. U1, U2, U3, U4, U5, U6 are thinnest and shortest as they are furthest away from the document class and they don't depend on any other classes.

¹ Code blocks mentioned corresponds to 'Method Body' structures in ABC format.
² Size only includes 'Method Body' structures (does not include constant pools or other structures).
³ Most of the detections and calculations depend on the document class. Dynamic usage is not detected. Info column will not be shown when Show Usage Cues option is selected AND if there is no document class in the SWF file.

Remember last selected script for recent files
Available (enabled) only in licensed mode

When selected, script tree selection is saved for recent files. After a file is reopened, last selected script will be reselected

If word-wrap is not active, also scroll position will be restored when possible.

(This option will add a delay, usually not significant, equal to the time required for decompiling the last selected script).

Press F1 for help (this document).

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