File Information
Displays detailed information about open Flash file.

You can click File Properties to display Windows file properties dialog.


File Section
  Name file name.
  Path file path.
  Size file size in bytes.

SWF Section
Information in this section comes from SWF header, SetBackgroundColor tag and SymbolClass tag
  Version SWF version. SWF versions 9 and higher supports AS3.
  Width SWF width in pixels.
  Height SWF height in pixels.
  Frame rate frame count per second.
  Frame count number of frames.
  Compressed Whether the SWF is compressed or not, and method used if SWF is compressed. For ZLIB compression, compression level (algorithm) is shown as stated in ZLIB header. This need not be the actual level used.
  Uncompressed size if SWF is compressed, uncompressed file size in bytes.
  Background Color background color in HTML hex representation: #RRGGBB.
  Document class name of the document class.

Product Info Section
Information in this section comes from ProductInfo tag
  Product name of the product used for producing this SWF.
  Edition edition of the product.
  Version version of the product.
  Build build number of the product.
  Compile date UTC compile date and time of this SWF.

File Attributes Section
Information in this section comes from FileAttributes tag
  Local playback Defines file access rights for the SWF when loaded locally, either network or local file access is granted.
  Metadata Whether Metadata (tag) is present or not.
  Actionscript3 Whether SWF uses AS3, or AS1/2.
  Cross-domain caching Whether cross-domain caching will be suppressed or not.
  SWF relative URLs If URLs are to be interpretted as relative to SWF or HTML location.
  Hardware acceleration Whether the SWF will use hardware acceleration for blitting graphics or GPU compositing, when such acceleration is available, when playing in stand-alone player.

Script Limits Section
Information in this section comes from ScriptLimits tag
  Max recursion depth Maximum actionscript recursion limit.
  Script timeout seconds Maximum actionscript processing time, in seconds, before script stuck dialog box displays.

MetaData (as found in Metadata tag) is shown as a tree if it's valid XML, otherwise shown as raw text.

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