AS3 Sorcerer version 5.56
January 5, 2018

Publisher Manitu Group (manitu@buraks.com)

Burak KALAYCI (burakk@buraks.com)
Lead Programmer
Tolga KALAYCI (tolga@buraks.com)

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We'd also like to thank to the following individuals (listed in alphabetical order) for their direct and/or indirect help in the making of AS3 Sorcerer:

Colin Moock (www.moock.org)
Dan Woolloff (www.woolloff.com)
Dmitriy Yukhanov (blog.codestage.ru)
Fabio Caccamo (www.fabiocaccamo.com)
James Robertson (monkeypuzzlegames)
Jesse Warden (www.jessewarden.com)
Максим Зубков (makc3d.wordpress.com)
Nicolas Colliot
Philippe Elsass (philippe.elsass.me)
Phillip Kerman (www.phillipkerman.com)
Robert Penner (www.robertpenner.com)
Robin Debreuil (www.debreuil.com)
Russell Peters (www.delphizip.net)

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Adobe (formerly Macromedia) (http://www.adobe.com) and all the Adobians/Macromedians. Without them AS3 Sorcerer wouldn't be possible at all.

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