AS3 Sorcerer is an AS3 decompiler for Windows.

With AS3 Sorcerer, you can open Flash (SWF) files and see decompiled Action Script 3 (AS3) code.

You can easily save the decompiled script to a single text file or into a folder structure.

  • Advanced AS3 Decompile Engine: AS3 Sorcerer shares the advanced decompile engine with its big brother ASV (Action Script Viewer). (Decompiler options are not exposed, but reasonable defaults are assumed).

    AS3 Sorcerer will also bypass many obfuscations; note that only decompiling of code generated by Adobe compilers are officially supported at this time.

  • Shows vital Flash file information such as contents of the SWF header, Metadata, ProductInfo and FileAttributes tags.

  • Designed to be fast and Easy-to-use.

  • Skinned interface (optional).

You can use AS3 Sorcerer to examine AS3 scripts in a Flash file, for learning purposes or for recovering your work if the source is lost (AS1/2 scripts are not supported).

Easy to use and affordable, AS3 sorcerer is a must-have tool for any AS3 developer or anyone interested in seeing what AS3 code any SWF file contains.

Trial Mode
If you don't have a license (and your registration code), AS3 Sorcerer will run in Trial Mode. Here are the differences in trial mode:
  • Trial mode reminder dialogs will be displayed randomly.
    These reminder dialogs can be dismissed easily by any key or mouse click.
  • Random fields in File Information dialog will be masked.
    When re-opened, the dialog will show different fields masked.
  • AS3 formatting options will not be available and will be set randomly each time AS3 Sorcerer is started.
  • None of the copy or save commands are available in trial mode.
    In trial mode, AS3 Sorcerer is essentially a viewer.
  • Most importantly, in trial mode, you are not supposed to use the software for any purpose other than trial (evaluation) purposes - no, unfortunately not even personal use is allowed.
    On the other hand, AS3 Sorcerer is quite affordable...
Other notes:
  • Whether in trial mode or not, AS3 Sorcerer does not expire.
  • Decompilation results are exactly the same for trial and licensed modes.
A Walk-through
You can open a Flash file by
  • using File|Open command.
  • drag-and-drop onto the main window.
  • using the toolbar button .
  • double-clicking on the background, when there's no file open.
  • selecting a recently opened file from the File menu.
If there's a severe error, Error Log will be displayed. If there are only warnings, a warning icon will be displayed on the status bar. You can view the log by clicking on the icon, or by pressing Ctrl+L.

Initially the document class will be selected in the Script Tree (at the left), and decompiled class script will be shown(at the right).

You can view a decompiled script by selecting it in the Script Tree. Double clicking on a script will display the Usage Column which displays direct usage information. Optionally you can display code size, block count or usage cues in the Info Column.

You can copy current script to clipboard using toolbar button , or, Script|Copy Current Script command, or, by pressing Alt+Ctrl+C.

You can save individual scripts, or, a full folder structure by drag&drop from the script tree, to your desktop or another folder. You can drag&drop the tree root node labeled 'AS3 Scripts' to save all scripts into a folder structure. You also have the option to save scripts in HTML format and/or without a folder structure.

You can save all scripts to a single text file (for searching or easy browsing purposes) by using the toolbar button , or Script|Save All Scripts to Single File... command.

You can view Flash (SWF) file information using the toolbar button , or, File|File Information command, or, pressing Ctrl+I.

You can press F1 for help. If help file is not locally installed, help will be displayed in your browser (assuming you have an active internet connection).

  • SWC files are in ZIP format. You can easily extract contents if you first rename one to .ZIP. You can then feed the SWF files found in the SWC to AS3 Sorcerer.

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